Bible and Chapel

At Trinity Christian School, we believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, the ultimate source of truth, and our only rule for faith and practice. As such, Bible is an important part of the curriculum of TCS. Students take Bible as an academic subject in every grade, but Bible is viewed as more than just an academic exercise. We are dealing with matters of heart and soul that will impact eternity. In the lower and middle school grades, students learn about how the Bible is organized (Old and New Testaments, books of the Bible). They also study the history of God’s people beginning with Creation and continuing through God’s covenant with Abraham and the nation of Israel, including the patriarchs, judges, kings, and prophets of the Old Testament. Students learn from the New Testament about Jesus Christ, his life, teaching, ministry, death and resurrection, as well as the apostles’ ministry after Jesus’ ascension. In the high school years, the four Bible courses are Church History, Ethics, Christian Doctrine, and Worldviews.

Chapel is another important time at Trinity Christian School. This is a time each week when the student body can gather together to worship God corporately. Upper School Chapel is on Monday mornings and Lower School Chapel is on Friday mornings. Both services generally feature the singing of hymns or praise songs, prayer, and the sharing of God’s word by the Headmaster or a guest speaker. On some occasions a class might lead the chapel service. Twice a month Upper School students have Small Group chapel instead of Large Group. Each small group is led by a teacher and allows more time for sharing and interaction. Parents are welcome to attend all chapel services.