Educational Philosophy 

Trinity Christian School is committed to providing an academically excellent, Christ-centered education to all of our students. We believe that our Christian faith is relevant to every area of study – history, science, mathematics, language, art, and literature – not just Bible class. The curriculum is designed to challenge students to develop their minds not just so that they can succeed in the world but so that they can serve their Creator. The curriculum is college-preparatory in nature, with many opportunities for students to take Honors or Advanced Placement classes in the Upper School.

Curriculum Guide

TCS uses textbooks from a variety of publishers, Christian as well as secular, including A Beka, Bob Jones, Christian Schools International, MacMillan/McGraw Hill, Prenctice Hall, Saxon, and many more. Instead of letting the textbook publisher determine what our students are taught, TCS is in the process of creating student-based objectives for every subject in every grade. These objectives, gathered from state and national standards as well as our faculty’s expertise, are meant to be the guide for what our students are to know when they complete each subject and grade. The textbooks are tools that will help the teacher to teach the objectives stated in the curriculum guide.

Underlying all these educational objectives is the belief that the Bible, God’s inspired Word, is the source of ultimate Truth. But by God’s grace, he has enabled finite humans to discover truths about mankind and about creation.

Grades K-6 Curriculum Summary
Grades K-6 Curriculum Guide with Objectives
Grades 7-8 Curriculum Summary
Grades 7-8 Curriculum Guide with Objectives