The kindergarten program of Trinity Christian School is designed to lay an academic and spiritual foundation for the rest of your child’s education. Kindergarten establishes a strong academic foundation through a strong emphasis on phonics and math skills. Students also engage in hands-on learning in science and social studies. While academics is a focus, playtime is also encouraged during recess and through “center-time” activities. Experiential learning through field trips and guest speakers is also emphasized. Spiritually, each day begins with a Bible lesson, singing, and prayer as students learn more about God. In addition, biblical truth is integrated throughout the day. Kindergarteners also receive instruction in art, music, and P.E. each week, and have weekly library time as well. Some of the things that set the kindergarten program of Trinity Christian School apart:
  • Direct teacher instruction with small class size and a low student-teacher ratio
  • Learning through creative play and hands-on and artistic activities
  • Experiential learning through field trips, “fun lunches” and guest speakers
  • A Christ-centered classroom where students are treated as image-bearers of God, academics are taught from a biblical perspective, and students’ hearts as well as minds are nurtured
  • Parental involvement is welcome and encouraged  
  • High scores on standardized tests
  • Developmentally appropriate academic objectives  
  • Emphasis on phonics and creative writing