Lower School (Grades 1 through 5)

Trinity Christian School seeks to provide an academically challenging and biblically informed curriculum to our students. In addition to their “regular” subjects, each lower school grade has classes in Art, Music, P.E. and Spanish weekly. Students are given a wide variety of opportunities to be actively engaged in their education through hands-on activities, field trips, school programs and other learning experiences.

Building on the foundation that was laid in kindergarten, Reading in grades 1 and 2 is taught with a phonics-based approach. A strong emphasis is placed on Reading and Language throughout the lower school grades as children develop mastery of the English language. In History students learn about their own community before surveying the history of America in grades 1 through 5. In sixth grade, students are given an overview of Ancient and Medieval World History. Each year in science, students learn about certain aspects of Life Science, Earth Science and Physical Science with many opportunities for hands-on experimentation. See the curriculum guide for a complete list of topics and subjects by grade.

As a transition from the self-contained classrooms of kindergarten through fifth grade to the junior high structure of grades 6 through 8, third through fifth grades are team-taught. Students spend the majority of the day with their homeroom teacher, but rotate for Science, Language Arts, and History. This enables teachers to specialize in fewer subjects, and helps students adjust to having multiple teachers.