Middle School (Grades 6-8) 

The Middle School program continues the emphasis of TCS on strong academics from a Christian perspective. Students switch classes in a seven-period day with academic classes in Bible, English, Science, History, and Math. In addition, they may take Choir, Drama, and/or P.E. Advanced students may be accelerated in some subjects, and many students take Algebra I in 8th grade.

One unique feature of the Middle School program is the Exploratory class period. Twice a week, one period per day, students have an additional academic period to focus on an area outside of the regular daily schedule. In sixth grade, the exploratory topics are Keyboarding and Study Skills. In seventh grade the exploratory subject is Home Economics. In eighth grade the topic is Logic.

Upper School (Grades 9-12)

TCS provides a strong college preparatory curriculum for our upper school students from a distinctly Christian perspective. Students have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement courses in Literature, Calculus, U.S. History, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. 

Juniors and Seniors may also choose to take courses at the college level through the ACCEL or Senior to Sophomore programs of Georgia Southern University. Emphasis is placed on critical thinking and the analyzing of ideas that support or conflict with a Christian understanding of the world. There is also a strong emphasis on writing clear, cohesive papers. 

In addition to athletics, Upper School students can participate in other extracurricular activities such as Honor Society, Choir, Drama, Math Team, and Student Council.