Requirements & Procedures

The School Board of Trinity Christian School is interested in attracting families of students who are motivated to learn, who are strong in character, and who are amenable to a Christian education of a high caliber. Our program is designed to meet the needs of students who are average to above average in ability and achievement. Trinity Christian School is, at present, unable to provide a program which meets the needs of students who may require unique or specialized educational programs.

Admission Standards

Based upon the admissions philosophy statement, Trinity Christian School’s admissions standards are designed to identify students who:

  1. Demonstrate average or above average aptitude and/or achievement,
  2. Are socially and emotionally well-adjusted,
  3. Are amenable to correction and instruction,
  4. Are motivated to learn,
  5. Have parents who are supportive of the school’s philosophy of education,
  6. Have parents who will meet their financial obligations,
  7. Meet minimum age and development readiness qualifications (to enroll in Kindergarten, a child must be five on or before September 1.)

Admission Procedures

We are grateful that you have considered Trinity Christian School for the education of your child. A child’s education is a vital aspect of his growth and maturity, and the decision of where to educate your child is one that should not be taken lightly.

In order to make the application process run as smoothly as possible, we have established the following guidelines. Please read and follow them carefully to avoid any unnecessary delays during the admissions process.

Once again, thank you for considering Trinity Christian School.


  1. Submit application to the school office with the appropriate registration and application fees; also include a copy of the student’s most recent report card and standardized test scores (these scores are not applicable for students applying to kindergarten).
  2. If the student is applying for admission to grade 6 or above, a Teacher Recommendation Form must be submitted to one of the student’s current teachers and mailed, by that teacher, to Trinity Christian School. The application cannot be processed without this form.
  3. Upon receipt of the application (and Teacher Recommendation form, if applicable), the headmaster will arrange a time for the applying student to be given an entrance examination*, and also for an interview with
    the student’s parents. Parents are to bring the following items with them to the interview:


    • A copy of the student’s birth certificate;
    • a copy of the student’s social security card;
    • a copy of the student’s immunization records; and
    • any other pertinent test scores, reports or evaluations of the student which would be helpful in making an admissions decision.
  4. Upon completion of the above, a decision regarding enrollment and/or grade placement will be reached.
  5. Parents will be notified by mail.
  6. In grades where multiple sections exist, the administration of Trinity Christian School, in conjunction with current grade level and previous grade level teachers, will make the final determination of class assignments for students. Factors that will be considered include: class size; student-student, teacher-student and teacher-parent relationships; and student learning styles. Elementary classes will not be divided by ability levels. While it is the desire of TCS that class assignments be stable, under certain circumstances it may become necessary to move a student from one section to another during the course of the school year.

*The entrance test used by Trinity Christian School in grades 1 and up is the WRAT (Wide Range Achievement Test). The WRAT is used to test the student’s basic skills, i.e., reading, spelling, and math. Performance on this test, in conjunction with the student’s report card, standardized test scores, and teacher recommendation will be used to determine admission to TCS and grade placement.


Complete and return the Application for Student Enrollment and Tuition Agreement with registration and testing fees. An interview will be arranged with the Headmaster, and a date will be scheduled with the Kindergarten teacher for a student-readiness test.

Grades 1-12

Complete and return the Application for Student Enrollment and Tuition Agreement, relevant registration and testing fees, and your child’s most recent report card and standardized test scores. A parental interview will be scheduled with the Headmaster and a testing date scheduled for the student-entrance examination.

Returning Students

Complete and return the Application for Student Enrollment and Tuition Agreement and relevant re-registration fee. An updated application insures that current information is on file in the office.

After School Care Program

More information to follow. Registration forms and policies are linked below.

After School Care Registration Form
K5-6th Grade After School Care Policies
K5-6th Grade After School Care Schedule
K4 After Care Policies


Purpose Fee Special Notes
Registration Fee for New Students      (K5 – 12th grade) $350 per Student Nonrefundable unless the applying student is not accepted for admission by the administration.
Application Processing Fee for New Students (K4 – 12th grade) $100 per Student Nonrefundable, payable upon application for enrollment.
K4 Registration Fee
$350 per Student Nonrefundable unless the applying student is not accepted for admission by the administration.
Registration Fee for Returning Students $250 per Student This is an annual fee for students re-registering in consecutive school years.
Text Book/Materials Fee


$180 per Student

(K5 – 12th Grade)

This fee is payable at $36.00 per month for the first five payments.
International Student Fee


$1000 per Student For students attending TCS on a student visa.
Class Fee (includes Grandparents’ Day, class field trips, class parties, Field Day, class shirts, teacher lunches, etc.)


Varies by grade
Athletic Fee $135 per JV or Varsity sport played, includes team t-shirt



2018-2019 Tuition (K5-12)

Tuition per Child
Percent Discount Total Tuition
1rst Student
$5500 $5500
2nd Student
$4565 17% $10,065
3rd Student
$4015 27% $14,080
4th Student $3300 40% $17,380
5th Student $2750 50% $20,130

Tuition (K4)

If K4 student has siblings in K5-12, the K4 rate will be added to the above tuition of siblings enrolled in K5-12. (example: one student in grade 3 pays $5500, sibling in K4 pays $2465)

K4 (8:30 – noon daily) Per-Child Tuition Multi-Child Discount
1rst Child $2900
2nd Child $2465 15%
3rd Child $2175 25%
4th Child $1740 40%
5th Child $1450 50%

Additional Information

Tuition is payable annually (August), semi-annually (August and January), or in 10 monthly payments (August to May).

Tuition is due on the first day of each month and is late after the 4th day of the month. Past due accounts will be charged a 5% late fee.

A printer friendly version of this page can be obtained here:  2018-2019 Tuition and Fees

International Admissions

International Student Admission Requirement

Trinity Christian School is authorized by the Federal government to grant I-20 documents to non-immigrant international students wishing to attend school in the United States on a student visa. Over the years TCS has many students from South Korea, China, Ethiopia, Peru, Germany, and Mexico. Some of these students live with their own relatives who reside in the Statesboro area. Others live with American host families. The presence of these international students has greatly enhanced the TCS community, as American students have learned more about and developed friendships with students from various countries and cultures. It has also enabled our international students to receive a Christ-centered education that may not have been available in their home countries.

Trinity Christian School does not provide ESL instruction. International students are required to be in the same classes as American students and must be able to read, write, and comprehend high school-level work in the English language.

Note that Trinity Christian School is required by U.S. Federal law to determine through written application that the student is qualified academically, linguistically and meets all entrance requirements for admission.

The following must be submitted before an international student can be fully approved for admission to Trinity Christian School and the I-20 form issued:

  1. Official transcripts from 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th grade (or the last school year the student has completed), signed and sealed. Official transcripts must be translated into English. If accepted, we will also need the student’s current, official, end of school year transcript. It must be signed, sealed, and translated into English. Minimum US equivalent of a 3.0 (B) grade point average required for acceptance.
  2. English Language Proficiency Exam requirements – TOEFL for students ages 16 and older; minimum score of 61 (internet based) for high school students.
  3. TCS International Student application completed and submitted
  4. Immunization records submitted – must be converted to the Georgia GRITS system upon arrival
  5. Financial Disclosure – Proof of ability to pay (statement from parents’ bank) is required by SEVIS and must be provided
  6. Copy of Student Passport and birth certificate
  7. International Student fee of $1000 paid to TCS

Do not schedule your interview appointment with the U.S. Embassy until admission has been approved and an I-20 has been issued.

Once you have completed the Embassy interview, please contact the Admissions Department with the results and to notify us about your plans for arrival.

In addition to the International Student fee, families are responsible for tuition, the registration/application fee ($450), and the book fee ($180).

Financial Aid

Trinity Christian School offers limited financial aid to parents who have a true financial need. TCS utilizes FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment to determine a family’s financial need. After submitting your student application, you may complete the FACTS financial aid form. After creating your FACTS account, go to Grant and Aid and complete the application. Please note that there is a $30 financial aid application fee that must be paid online as part of the application.

Home School Partnership Program

A printable version of the information presented below can be found here: Homeschool Partnership 2014-2015

Trinity Christian School is open to those in the homeschool community who share our desire to see our students educated from a distinctly Christian perspective. We will partner with homeschoolers who so desire to provide the quality academic and spiritual education TCS is known for. In order to do this, homeschool students may enroll as part-time students of Trinity Christian School for one or more classes.

The procedure for admission of part-time students is the same as that for admission of full-time students. Parents must fill out an enrollment form, and turn it in along with the applicable application, testing, and registration fees. Once the enrollment form and fees have been received in the TCS office, an interview with the Headmaster will be set up, as well as a date to administer the TCS admissions test. (Students enrolled only in P.E., Music, Art or Choir will not have to pay the registration, application or testing fees and will not have to take the admission test).

Most TCS academic classes are offered in the traditional classroom setting, but some are offered online through CSIAcademy, a division of Christian Schools International. These online classes maintain the same Christian perspective and quality that is offered in the classroom at TCS.

Registration – to be turned in with enrollment form – only applicable for those students enrolled in one or more academic courses
Application Fee $55 (new students only)
Testing Fee $15 (new students only)
Registration Fee $100 – 1 academic class
$200 – 2 or 3 academic classes
$300 – 4+ academic classes

Tuition Schedule (per student) – payable over 10 months (August to May)
1 class $1750/year
2 classes $2800/year
3 classes $3900/year
4+ classes $5100/year
Textbook Fee
$50 – 1 academic class
$120 – 2 or 3 academic classes
$180 – 4+ academic classes
All tuition and fees are nonrefundable, except in the case where a student is denied admission or when a course registered for is not offered or scheduling conflicts prevent a student from being able to take all classes registered for.

Academic Classes Offered

Science (7-12) Math (7-12)
Life Science Math 7 (Pre-Algebra)
Earth Science Math 8 (Pre-Algebra II)
Physical Science Algebra I
Biology Algebra II
Chemistry/A.P. Chemistry Advanced Math
A.P. Physics Pre-Calculus
Anatomy A.P. Calculus

English (7-12) History (7-12)
English 7 World Geography
English 8 Georgia History
English 9 World History
American Literature U.S. History I
British Literature A.P. U.S. History II
A.P. World Literature Government/Economics

Foreign Language (9-12) Computer Programming/Business (9-12)
Spanish I #, II #, III *, AP Spanish * Accounting *
French I *, II *, III *, AP French * Digital Photography *
Latin I *, II * Web Design *
German I *, II * Digital Video Production *
Chinese I *, II * Game Design *
Visual Programming *
JAVA Programming *
Traditional classes meet 50 minutes per day five days per week (generally). They are offered to part-time students on a space-available basis. Some classes may not be offered some years based on student need.

# These courses are offered in the traditional classroom setting or online through CSI Online Academy.
* These courses are offered online only through CSI Online Academy.

Because of the fluid nature of the elementary schedule, no academic subjects are offered to part-time students in grades K-6 at this time.

Non-Academic Classes
Non-academic classes will be offered free of charge if a student is enrolled in one or more academic classes. If a student is not enrolled in an academic class, the fee will be:
Music (K-5) $100 per student per year
Spanish (K-5) $100 per student per year
P.E. (K-12) $100 per student per year
Choir or Drama (6-12) $120 per student per year
Bible (6-12) $120 per student per year
Art (K-12) $175 per student per year
These classes do not meet every day. The office will provide a schedule for these classes when it is available.

Extracurricular Activities
Eligibility for interscholastic sports is subject to the rules of the athletic association to which the school belongs. Currently, only full-time students may participate in interscholastic sports. Homeschool partnership students may participate in other extracurricular activities, including field trips, prom (juniors/seniors), and the Europe trip.

Part-time students are subject to the policies and procedures of TCS as outlined in the Parent/Student Handbook. This includes matters such as discipline, dress code, absences and tardies, academic probation, student drivers, and grading scale.

Students whose schedules necessitate their being on campus during lunch may bring their lunch or participate in the hot lunch program.

Standardized Testing
TCS administers the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) Form E to all students in grades K-8 each spring. Part-time students and homeschoolers not enrolled in any TCS classes may take the ITBS at TCS for a $50 materials and scoring fee.

TCS administers the PSAT/NMSQT to all 10th and 11th graders (optional for 9th graders) each October. Part-time students and homeschoolers not enrolled in any TCS classes may take the PSAT at TCS for a $25 fee.

Part-time students will be issued a report card at the end of each 9-week grading period for all TCS academic classes in which they are enrolled. In addition, at the midpoint of each grading period an interim report will be sent home.

Only full-time TCS students are eligible to receive a Trinity Christian School diploma upon graduation.

For further information on this program, to request an application, or to schedule a meeting with the Headmaster, please contact the school office.