Monday Mailer
TCS K5 through 5th grade teachers send home a folder every Monday called the Monday Mailer. This contains a calendar of events for the week, school work, and other pertinent information. Parents, please sign the front and return it on Tuesday. Upper school students may pick up the take home papers from their homeroom teacher. A Monday mailer will also be emailed to families with the following information:
-Hot lunch reminders
-Athletic practice and game schedule
-Upcoming events

Private School Tax Credit Scholarship Fund 
Qualified Georgia Education Expense Tax Credit
Any Georgia taxpayer who makes a contrbution to benefitTCS can receive a dollar-for-dollar state income tax credit.  If you are otherwise entitled to receive a refund on your Georgia Income Tax return, you are entitled to receive your entire donation amount back as a LARGER REFUND. If you owe taxes on your Georgia Income Tax return, you will OWE LESS.Your contribution may also be deductible on your Federal Income Tax return.That means the tax benefit of a contribution could be more than the contribution itself! The window to take advantage of this credit closes when the credit limit is reached. Last year, that was on January 1, so please review the information at this website soon:  Donation requests for 2016 will have to be submitted BEFORE January 1. Thanks for supporting Trinity! Click here for more information.

Upcoming Events

August 7, 2018    Open House/Parent Orientation
August 8, 2018     First Day of School

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