Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF)

The PTF's primary responsibility is to provide service and support to enrich the experience of Faculty, Staff, Students and Parents of Trinity Christian School.


  • To help TCS communicate with parents
  • To help parents understand the Christian philosophy of education upon which TCS functions
  • To help schedule, promote, and host student and parent activities
  • To conduct programs that assist parents in their biblical roles and to contribute to the building of strong Christian families
  • To welcome new parents into the fellowship and to instill in the new parents the need for their continued involvement in and support of TCS
  • To encourage pride in students at TCS
  • To assist TCS in promoting its reputation in the communities of Statesboro and Bulloch County


  • Organize Monthly Faculty & Staff Luncheons
  • Fall Gift Wrap Fundraiser
  • Hosting the Grandparent's Day Brunch
  • Provide Wednesday Ice Cream Sales for Students
  • Assist with the school-wide Fallapallooza Fundraiser
  • Teacher Appreciation Week Events
  • Provide a yearly supply budget for teachers
  • Help with Bus Repairs and other School expenses (white boards, playground equipment, computers, etc.) as needed
  • Financial donations toward school activities such as the Prom, Graduation Reception etc.