Financial Support for Trinity Christian School

Trinity Christian School flourishes due to the generous efforts of Trinity Presbyterian Church and the many people who have supported TCS through their philanthropic contributions and volunteerism. We are indebted to our many donors and volunteers who support our school each year.

Your gift matters because it supports faculty and staff, academic programs, student-faculty relationships, the arts, and athletic programs that prepare Trinity students to become tomorrow's leaders. A gift of any size has immediate impact on the teaching and learning at our school.

Today, TCS is able to provide a quality education in a dynamic Christian environment at a relatively low tuition cost to families. Tuition covers approximately 80-90% of the cost of educating a student at a private school. It does not cover the construction of new buildings and the development of new programs. Additional funding is sought from friends, parents, grandparents, alumni, and foundations. 

We invite your participation in the many volunteer and philanthropic opportunities, which make a difference in the life of every TCS student.