Pre-K & Kindergarten

The Pre-Kindergarten program at Trinity Christian School is designed to give four year old students the academic, physical and social preparation they need to begin kindergarten. Students learn letter sounds, letter formation, and other skills necessary to begin to learn to read. In addition, they begin to acquire math skills (shapes, numbers, patterns, etc.), participate in units in science and social studies, and have a Bible lesson each day. Pre-kindergartners also have weekly “Specials” classes in music, art, P.E., Spanish, and Library. The TCS Pre-K is a perfect blend of sound academic instruction and age-appropriate play. Pre-K at TCS offers half-day (8:30 to noon) and full day (8:30 to 3:00) options that meet five days a week. After care is available to full-day students until 5:30.

The kindergarten program of Trinity Christian School is designed to lay an academic and spiritual foundation for the rest of your child’s education. Kindergarten establishes a strong academic foundation through a strong emphasis on phonics and math skills. Students also engage in hands-on learning in science and social studies. While academics is a focus, playtime is also encouraged during recess and through “center-time” activities. Experiential learning through field trips and guest speakers is also emphasized. Spiritually, each day begins with a Bible lesson, singing, and prayer as students learn more about God. In addition, biblical truth is integrated throughout the day. Kindergarteners also receive instruction in art and P.E. each week, and have weekly library time as well.


Some of the things that set the kindergarten program of Trinity Christian School apart:

  • Direct teacher instruction with small class size and a low student-teacher ratio
  • Learning through creative play and hands-on and artistic activities
  • Experiential learning through field trips, “fun lunches” and guest speakers
  • A Christ-centered classroom where students are treated as image-bearers of God, academics are taught from a biblical perspective, and students’ hearts as well as minds are nurtured
  • Parental involvement is welcome and encouraged
  • High scores on standardized tests
  • Developmentally appropriate academic objectives
  • Emphasis on phonics and creative writing

Lower School (Grades 1-5)

Trinity Christian School seeks to provide an academically challenging and biblically informed curriculum to our students. In addition to their “regular” subjects, each lower school grade has classes in Art and PE weekly. Students are given a wide variety of opportunities to be actively engaged in their education through hands-on activities, field trips, school programs and other learning experiences.

Building on the foundation that was laid in kindergarten, Reading in grades 1 and 2 is taught with a phonics-based approach. A strong emphasis is placed on Reading and Language throughout the lower school grades as children develop mastery of the English language. In History students learn about their own community before surveying the history of America in grades 1 through 5. In sixth grade, students are given an overview of Ancient and Medieval World History. Each year in science, students learn about certain aspects of Life Science, Earth Science and Physical Science with many opportunities for hands-on experimentation.

As a transition from the self-contained classrooms of kindergarten through fifth grade to the junior high structure of grades 6 through 8, third through fifth grades are team-taught. Students spend the majority of the day with their homeroom teacher, but rotate for Science, Language Arts, and History. This enables teachers to specialize in fewer subjects, and helps students adjust to having multiple teachers.

Middle & Upper School


Middle School (Grades 6-8)

The Middle School program continues the emphasis of TCS on strong academics from a Christian perspective. Students switch classes in a seven-period day with academic classes in Bible, English, Science, History, and Math. In addition, they may take elective classes. Advanced students may be accelerated in some subjects, and many students take Algebra I in 8th grade.


Upper School (Grades 9-12)

TCS provides a strong college preparatory curriculum for our upper school students from a distinctly Christian perspective. Students have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement courses in Literature, Calculus, U.S. History, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics.

Juniors and Seniors may also choose to take courses at the college level through the MOWR or Senior to Sophomore programs of Georgia Southern University. Emphasis is placed on critical thinking and the analyzing of ideas that support or conflict with a Christian understanding of the world. There is also a strong emphasis on writing clear, cohesive papers.

In addition to athletics, Upper School students can participate in other extracurricular activities such as Honor Society, Choir, Drama, Math Team, and Student Council.

The Arts

At TCS we value the beauty of God’s handiwork all around us. We also value the talents of our students as He gifts them with differing creative abilities. We help our students capitalize on these gifts by providing programs created to teach skills and enhance each child’s God given talents.

Bible & Chapel

At Trinity Christian School, we believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, the ultimate source of truth, and our only rule for faith and practice. As such, Bible is an important part of the curriculum of TCS. Students take Bible as an academic subject in every grade, but Bible is viewed as more than just an academic exercise. We are dealing with matters of heart and soul that will impact eternity. In the lower and middle school grades, students learn about how the Bible is organized (Old and New Testaments, books of the Bible). They also study the history of God’s people beginning with Creation and continuing through God’s covenant with Abraham and the nation of Israel, including the patriarchs, judges, kings, and prophets of the Old Testament. Students learn from the New Testament about Jesus Christ, his life, teaching, ministry, death and resurrection, as well as the apostles’ ministry after Jesus’ ascension. In the high school years, the four Bible courses are Church History, Ethics, Christian Doctrine, and Worldviews.

Chapel is another important time at Trinity Christian School. This is a time each week when the student body can gather together to worship God corporately. Upper School Chapel is on Monday mornings and Lower School Chapel is on Friday mornings. Both services generally feature the singing of hymns or praise songs, prayer, and the sharing of God’s word by the Headmaster or a guest speaker. On some occasions a class might lead the chapel service. Twice a month Upper School students have Small Group chapel instead of Large Group. Each small group is led by a teacher and allows more time for sharing and interaction. Parents are welcome to attend all chapel services.