Headmaster Search

Head of School Announcement

Trinity Christian School of Statesboro, Georgia, a ministry of Trinity Presbyterian Church (PCA) is seeking qualified candidates for the position of HEAD OF SCHOOL beginning in June 2021. TCS is a K4-12th grade school of about 200 students that was established in 1984. TCS is located in Statesboro, in southeast Georgia, about one hour west of Savannah. Statesboro is a medium-sized college town, the home of Georgia Southern University, East Georgia State College, and Ogeechee Technical College. TCS enjoys a large campus that includes separate lower and upper school buildings, a lunchroom/fellowship hall, rooms for music and art, a lower school library, science labs, and a large gymnasium.

The motto of Trinity Christian School is Fides, Veritas, Prudentia (Faith, Truth, Wisdom). The school is committed to providing a high quality college-preparatory academic education from a biblical perspective. TCS is accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission and the Association of Christian Schools International.

The Head of School will lead an administrative team that consists of an Assistant Head of School/Upper School Principal, an Athletic Director/Upper School Counselor, an Admissions Director, a Development Director, and a Financial Secretary.

The ideal candidate will have a master’s degree in educational leadership or a related field and will have a minimum of 3-5 years of experience as a Head of School or Assistant Head of School, preferably in a Christian school setting. Candidates must also have a personal testimony of faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior and be a member in good standing of a Protestant evangelical church. Preference will be given to candidates with a Presbyterian/Reformed background. The candidate who is hired will be expected to join and attend Trinity Presbyterian Church (PCA).

Interested candidates should email a resume to the Search Committee Chair at board@tcsstatesboro.org

Head of School Job Description


Coordination of the Total Program

The head of school shall prepare the school calendar, plan and administer faculty and staff orientation, and meet regularly with school personnel and with the school board.

Procurement and Supervision of Personnel

The head of school is responsible to research, interview, and recommend to the school board the hiring and dismissal of the full-time teaching staff. He or she will employ substitute teachers and support personnel as needed. He or she has responsibility for the supervision of all administrative, academic, business, secretarial, and non-instructional personnel.

Supervision of Curriculum

The head of school has the responsibility for the development and coordination of the curriculum.

Board-School Relations

The head of school is responsible to interpret the school operation to the board and board action to school personnel. He or she shall attend all board meetings unless excused and shall submit a written report on the status of the school, its achievements and problems.

Budget Formulation and Control

The head of school shall do preliminary work to prepare an annual budget for the consideration of the board. As a part of the budget planning, he or she will recommend the tuition rate and a salary range for the staff. He or she will approve expenditures within the approved budget total and provide a written financial statement of receipts and expenditures for monthly board meetings.

Long Range Planning and Development

The head of school shall submit plans annually for the developmental programs in curriculum, building, equipment, and staffing as part of a strategic, long-range plan for the total development of the school. He or she shall initiate new programs as needed and as approved by the board.

Student Admission and Control

The head of school shall be responsible for the selection of students within the guidelines of board policy. He or she will establish a program of prospective student interviews and testing. He or she shall regulate and enforce discipline in accordance with board policy.

Parent Teacher Organization

As an ex-officio member, the head of school shall work closely with the TCS Parent/Teacher Fellowship officers to ensure programs that meet the needs of the school families and to encourage strong spiritual leadership within the organization.

Public Relations

The head of school shall work closely with the board and staff members in planning and carrying out an effective program of interpreting the school to its publics.

Spiritual and Academic Leadership

The head of school is to be responsible to the board for the spiritual and academic leadership of the school.

Environment, Building, Furniture, Equipment

The head of school is responsible to see that there is an environment that is conducive to good learning, and furniture and equipment to support classroom needs in providing quality education.


In addition to the preceding areas of responsibility, the head of school shall carry out such other duties as assigned by the school board.