Home School Partnership Program

Trinity Christian School is open to those in the home school community who share our desire to see our students educated from a distinctly Christian perspective. We will partner with home schoolers who so desire to provide the quality academic and spiritual education TCS is known for. In order to do this, home school students may enroll as part-time students of Trinity Christian School for one or more classes.

The procedure for admission of part-time students is the same as that for admission of full-time students. Parents must fill out an enrollment form, and turn it in along with the applicable application, testing, and registration fees. Once the enrollment form and fees have been received in the TCS office, an interview with the Headmaster will be set up, as well as a date to administer the TCS admissions test. (Students enrolled only in P.E., Music, Art or Choir will not have to pay the registration, application or testing fees and will not have to take the admission test).

For further information on this program, to request an application, or to schedule a meeting with the Headmaster, please contact the school office.