Home School Partnership Program

A printable version of the information presented below can be found here: Home School Partnership 2014-2015

Trinity Christian School is open to those in the home school community who share our desire to see our students educated from a distinctly Christian perspective. We will partner with home schoolers who so desire to provide the quality academic and spiritual education TCS is known for. In order to do this, home school students may enroll as part-time students of Trinity Christian School for one or more classes.

The procedure for admission of part-time students is the same as that for admission of full-time students. Parents must fill out an enrollment form, and turn it in along with the applicable application, testing, and registration fees. Once the enrollment form and fees have been received in the TCS office, an interview with the Headmaster will be set up, as well as a date to administer the TCS admissions test. (Students enrolled only in P.E., Music, Art or Choir will not have to pay the registration, application or testing fees and will not have to take the admission test).

Most TCS academic classes are offered in the traditional classroom setting, but some are offered online through CSI Academy, a division of Christian Schools International. These online classes maintain the same Christian perspective and quality that is offered in the classroom at TCS.



Registration – To be turned in with enrollment form – only applicable for those students enrolled in one or more academic courses

  • Application Fee $100 (new students only)
  • Testing Fee $40 (new students only)
  • Registration Fee $150 – 1 academic class
  • $250 – 2 or 3 academic classes
  • $350 – 4+ academic classes

Tuition Schedule (per student) – payable over 10 months (August to May)

  • 1 class $1750/year
  • 2 classes $2800/year
  • 3 classes $3900/year
  • 4+ classes $5100/year


  • Textbook Fee
  • $50 – 1 academic class
  • $120 – 2 or 3 academic classes
  • $180 – 4+ academic classes

All tuition and fees are nonrefundable, except in the case where a student is denied admission or when a course registered for is not offered or scheduling conflicts prevent a student from being able to take all classes registered for.


Academic Classes Offered

  • Science (7-12) Math (7-12)
  • Life Science Math 7 (Pre-Algebra)
  • Earth Science Math 8 (Pre-Algebra II)
  • Physical Science Algebra I
  • Biology Algebra II
  • Chemistry/A.P. Chemistry Advanced
  • Math
  • A.P. Physics Pre-Calculus
  • Anatomy A.P. Calculus
  • English (7-12) History (7-12)
  • English 7 World Geography
  • English 8 Georgia History
  • English 9 World History
  • American Literature U.S. History I
  • British Literature A.P. U.S. History II
  • A.P. World Literature
  • Government/Economics
  • Foreign Language (9-12)
  • Computer Programming/Business (9-12)
  • Spanish I #, II #, III *, AP Spanish *
  • Accounting *
  • French I *, II *, III *, AP French *
  • Digital Photography *
  • Latin I *, II * Web Design *
  • German I *, II *
  • Digital Video Production *
  • Chinese I *, II *
  • Game Design *
  • Visual Basic.net Programming *
  • JAVA Programming *

Traditional classes meet 50 minutes per day five days per week (generally). They are offered to part-time students on a space-available basis. Some classes may not be offered some years based on student need.

# These courses are offered in the traditional classroom setting or online through CSI Online Academy.
* These courses are offered online only through CSI Online Academy.

Because of the fluid nature of the elementary schedule, no academic subjects are offered to part-time students in grades K-5 at this time.


Non-Academic Classes

  • Non-academic classes will be offered free of charge if a student is enrolled in one or more academic classes. If a student is not enrolled in an academic class, the fee will be:
  • Music (K-5) $100 per student per year
  • Spanish (K-5) $100 per student per year
  • P.E. (K-12) $100 per student per year
  • Choir or Drama (6-12) $120 per student per year
  • Bible (6-12) $120 per student per year
  • Art (K-12) $175 per student per year

These classes do not meet every day. The office will provide a schedule for these classes when it is available.


Extracurricular Activities

Eligibility for interscholastic sports is subject to the rules of the athletic association to which the school belongs. Currently, only full-time students may participate in interscholastic sports. Homeschool partnership students may participate in other extracurricular activities, including field trips, prom (juniors/seniors), and the Europe trip.



Part-time students are subject to the policies and procedures of TCS as outlined in the Parent/Student Handbook. This includes matters such as discipline, dress code, absences and tardies, academic probation, student drivers, and grading scale.



Students whose schedules necessitate their being on campus during lunch may bring their lunch or participate in the hot lunch program.


Standardized Testing

TCS administers the Terra Nova 3 standardized test to all students in grades K-8 each spring. Part-time students and homeschoolers not enrolled in any TCS classes may take the ITBS at TCS for a $50 materials and scoring fee.

TCS administers the PSAT/NMSQT to all 10th and 11th graders (optional for 9th graders) each October. Part-time students and homeschoolers not enrolled in any TCS classes may take the PSAT at TCS for a $25 fee.



Part-time students will be issued a report card at the end of each 9-week grading period for all TCS academic classes in which they are enrolled. In addition, at the midpoint of each grading period an interim report will be sent home.



Only full-time TCS students are eligible to receive a Trinity Christian School diploma upon graduation.

For further information on this program, to request an application, or to schedule a meeting with the Headmaster, please contact the school office.