Faculty & Board

Welcome from Head of School, Dr. Joshua Farrell

I want to welcome you to the website of Trinity Christian School. As you explore this site, I pray that you will see that TCS is a truly unique school in Statesboro and Bulloch County. We are a school that is dedicated to providing an excellent education from a truly Christian perspective. As our mission statement says, 

“Trinity Christian School, a ministry of Trinity Presbyterian Church, seeks to honor Jesus Christ by preparing students academically, equipping students to view the world and its culture from a Christian perspective, and developing in students’ hearts a desire to serve God and others.”

I believe this mission statement sums up what TCS is all about. It speaks to our mission in three categories – the head, the heart, and the hands.

Head – preparing students academically. At Trinity Christian School we are committed to providing an outstanding academic education to our students. God has called us to love Him with all our minds, so we want our students to leave here with a broad and deep knowledge of the world God has made.

Heart – equipping students to view the world and its culture from a biblical perspective. Biblical wisdom is the ability to apply the truth from God’s word in how one thinks, speaks, and acts on a daily basis. The fear of the Lord, which is the foundation of all true wisdom, begins when a person submits to what God says is right or wrong, true or false, beneficial or hurtful. Thus, no matter how much knowledge a person accumulates, if he/she does not recognize that submission to God’s word is the only way to rightly interpret the world around them, then that person will never truly be wise. 

Hands – developing in students’ hearts a desire to serve God and others. As Christians we are called to follow Christ’s example of service (Philippians 2). God has served us by giving us his Son, and we are to serve him and serve one another out of gratitude for what he has done for us.

As you go through our website, I trust that you will get a glimpse  of the uniqueness of the mission and ministry of Trinity Christian School.

In service,
Dr. Joshua Farrell

School Board and TCS Faculty

We strive for excellence in the teachers we hire. We feel we have some of the best teachers in Bulloch County! All are dedicated to our students’ learning experience, and many have advanced degrees.

School Board of Directors

Trinity Christian School is governed by the School Board, which is comprised of members chosen by the Session (board of elders) of Trinity Presbyterian Church. School Board members must be members of Trinity Presbyterian Church. As a ministry of Trinity Presbyterian Church, the Session of TPC has ultimate authority over all matters related to Trinity Christian School.

The School Board members for TCS at this time are:

Mr. Ben Gilbreth – Chairman
Mr. Cameron Durden
Dr. Marlynn Griffin
Mr. Tim Case
Mr. Bill Adams

Administration & Support Staff

Name Position Email Education
Dr. Joshua Farrell Head of School hos@tcsstatesboro.org

BA, Georgia College & State University

MAT, Georgia College & State University

Ed.D.,Valdosta State University

Tammy Suggs Director of Admissions & Administrative Operations tsuggs@tcsstatesboro.org West Georgia College
John Quattlebaum Facilities Manager jquattlebaum@tcsstatesboro.org BA, Georgia Southern University
Bernice Crow Administrative Assistant office@tcsstatesboro.org
Sandi Kirkland Business Manager skirkland@tcsstatesboro.org

BA, Georgia Southern University

MBA, Regis University


Lower School Faculty

Name Class Email Degree(s)
Anna Durden Pre-Kindergarten (K4) annadurden@tcsstatesboro.org B.S., M.Ed
Jana Allen Pre-Kindergarten (K4) Aide jallen@tcsstatesboro.org  
Candace Smith Kindergarten (K5) csmith@tcsstatesboro.org B.S.
Jerica Hamilton Kindergarten (K5) Aide jhamilton@tcsstatesboro.org  
Julie Smith First Grade jsmith@tcsstatesboro.org B.S.
Taylor Hall Second Grade thall@tcsstatesboro.org B.S.
Regina Dowdell Third Grade rdowdell@tcsstatesboro.org B.A.
Leah Aurelio Fourth Grade laurelio@tcsstatesboro.org B.A., M.A.T.
Grace Hall Fifth Grade ghall@tcsstatesboro.org B.S.


Jordi Sears Art jsears@tcsstatesboro.org B.F.A.
Jana Allen Library jallen@tcsstatesboro.org  
Jeff Smith Music jeffsmith@tcsstatesboro.org B.A., M.Ed.
Christian Scott PE cscott@tcsstatesboro.org In Progress

After Care Staff

Ruth Bradley After School Care (K5-5th) rbradley@tcsstatesboro.org  

Middle & High School Faculty

Middle School Teachers

Name Class Email Degree(s)
Melissa Moore 6th-8th Grade Math & Science mmoore@tcsstatesboro.org B.A.
Lori Spence 6th-8th Grade ELA lspence@tcsstatesboro.org B.S., M.A.T.
Christian Scott 6th-7th Grade History cscott@tcsstatesboro.org B.S.
Garrett Gay 7th Grade Bible, 8th Grade History garrett@tcsstatesboro.org B.A.


High School Teachers

Name Class Email Education
Tony Gilbreth 11th-12th Grade Bible-Doctrine & Apologetics tgilbreth@tcsstatesboro.org    
Garrett Gay 9th Grade History garrett@tcsstatesboro.org B.A.
Michael Copeland 9th-12th Grade Math mcopeland@tcsstatesboro.org B.S.
Heather Scott 9th Grade Science hscott@tcsstatesboro.org B.S., M.A., Ed.D.
Angie Kearney Dual Enrollment Math akearney@tcsstatesboro.org B.S., M.Ed., Ed.S.
Donna McKenna 9th-12th Grade Math & Science dmckenna@tcsstatesboro.org B.S.
Ken Miller 9th-11th Grade History kmiller@tcsstatesboro.org B.A., M.A.T.
Charlotte Crowe 9th-12th Grade ELA ccrowe@tcsstatesboro.org B.A.


Elective Teachers

Name Class Email Degree(s)
Jordi Sears Art jsears@tcsstatesboro.org B.F.A.
Jay Earl Spanish jearl@tcsstatesboro.org B.A.
Kristina Roberts Health kroberts@tcsstatesboro.org B.A.
Jeff Smith Music jeffsmith@tcsstatesboro.org B.A.