Guidance Counseling

Counseling Vision Statement

The students of Trinity Christian School will glorify the living God of the Bible through their development of Christian maturity, which manifests itself in the areas of academics, career development, and personal/social interactions. 

Counseling Mission Statement

The comprehensive, data-informed counseling program of Trinity Christian School will provide students with counseling from a Biblical perspective. The counseling program will foster the development of Christian maturity in students so that they will love God and love their neighbor, which will be manifest in the areas of academics, career development, and personal/social interactions.

Resources for Parents and Students

Resources for College Financial Aid


Fastweb is a website that can help students find and apply for scholarships.


GAfutures offers many resources, including information about HOPE and state aid programs, and information about federal aid and scholarships.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Completing the FAFSA is an important step in receiving financial aid for college.

Guide for completing FAFSA

GAfutures offers guidance in completing the FAFSA.

FAFSA Assistance Chatbot

Benefits Data Trust, in partnership with CollegeBoard, offers a chatbot to help with completing the FAFSA.

Exploring Careers through Conversations

When exploring possible careers, it is often helpful to speak with those who are in your career fields of interest. Here are some possible questions that you could ask of someone in a particular career.

  • What do you like about your job?
  • What do you dislike about your job?
  • If I were interested in pursuing this career, what advice would you give me?
  • What does your job look like on a typical day?
  • What qualifications or experience would I need to pursue this career?
  • What is the most challenging aspect of your job?
  • How did you know that you wanted to pursue this career?
  • If you could go back in time, would you still pursue this career? Why or why not?

These are just a small example of questions that could be helpful for gathering information about a career. It would also be helpful to speak with more than one person in a given career field since experiences can vary from person to person. When you think about a career that interests you, what details are unclear to you? What would you need to know to feel comfortable pursuing a career or eliminating it from your list of possible careers? These questions can help steer you to next steps in your career exploration.

Free SAT and ACT Prep

The Army offers free SAT and ACT prep through a website called March2Success. There is no obligation to the Army by using this resource. Here are steps for utilizing this resource.

After taking these steps, you will be able to access free SAT and ACT practice tests. This website also offers other free resources as well. Click on this link to access their FAQ.

Scholarship Announcements

Earn Scholarship Opportunities through College Board

By taking steps toward applying to college, you can earn opportunities for scholarships. Taking the following steps provides scholarship opportunities through College Board.

  • Build Your College List
  • Practice for the SAT
  • Improve Your SAT Score
  • Strengthen Your College List
  • Complete the FAFSA
  • Apply to Colleges

To see more information about these opportunities, click on this link to visit the College Board website.