International Admissions

International Student Admissions Requirements

Trinity Christian School is authorized by the Federal government to grant I-20 documents to non-immigrant international students wishing to attend school in the United States on a student visa. Over the years TCS has many students from South Korea, China, Ethiopia, Peru, Germany, and Mexico. Some of these students live with their own relatives who reside in the Statesboro area. Others live with American host families. The presence of these international students has greatly enhanced the TCS community, as American students have learned more about and developed friendships with students from various countries and cultures. It has also enabled our international students to receive a Christ-centered education that may not have been available in their home countries.

Trinity Christian School does not provide ESL instruction. International students are required to be in the same classes as American students and must be able to read, write, and comprehend high school-level work in the English language.

Note that Trinity Christian School is required by U.S. Federal law to determine through written application that the student is qualified academically, linguistically and meets all entrance requirements for admission.

The following must be submitted before an international student can be fully approved for admission to Trinity Christian School and the I-20 form issued:

  • Official transcripts from 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th grade (or the last school year the student has completed), signed and sealed. Official transcripts must be translated into English. If accepted, we will also need the student’s current, official, end of school year transcript. It must be signed, sealed, and translated into English. Minimum US equivalent of a 3.0 (B) grade point average required for acceptance.
  • English Language Proficiency Exam requirements – TOEFL for students ages 16 and older; minimum score of 61 (internet based) for high school students.
  • TCS International Student application completed and submitted
  • Immunization records submitted – must be converted to the Georgia GRITS system upon arrival
  • Financial Disclosure – Proof of ability to pay (statement from parents’ bank) is required by SEVIS and must be provided
  • Copy of Student Passport and birth certificate
  • International Student fee of $1,500 paid to TCS

Do not schedule your interview appointment with the U.S. Embassy until admission has been approved and an I-20 has been issued.

Once you have completed the Embassy interview, please contact the Admissions Department with the results and to notify us about your plans for arrival.

In addition to the International Student fee, families are responsible for tuition, the registration/application fee ($450), and the book fee ($180).