Support Keiana

To the TCS and TPC families, and to those who have been praying for Keiana, 

Thank You! Please continue to do so tonight, especially during her procedure on June 13, and for her recovery in the weeks to come.

As many of you know, Keiana Wisner, at sophomore at TCS went home sick from school a few weeks ago. Later that day, she was diagnosed with a large brain tumor exerting extreme forces on the fluid pressures in her brain. Within a week, by God’s grace, she had two successful surgeries to install shunts and remove the pressure from her brain while she and her family awaited pathology results and the doctors began treatment in preparation for a major surgery.  

That time has come. Praise the Lord that her pathology result came back benign recently. Throughout the past weeks, God has answered many prayers day by day, and provided for Keiana and her family in ways only He can. It is her families wish that I express their thankfulness to those who have prayed for their daughter and their family during this time.  Personally, I have been amazed by the Wisner’s love, faith, and profound trust in the Lord through this trial. Thank you to all who have prayed and given generously to help support Keiana and her family during this time. 

I would ask all of you to please pray for her and her family as she undergoes a major surgery throughout the day tomorrow at Memorial Hospital in Savannah.   

Keiana underwent an MRI Friday with results indicating one of the cysts surrounding the tumor was growing. Tomorrow morning, she will have a final CT scan and surgery will commence to remove all of the large tumor and cysts in her brain. This is a major surgery and will start in the morning and continue throughout the rest of the day.

1. Please pray the Lord would guide the surgeon, nurses, anesthesiologists, and the surgery tomorrow, and that all would be successful in safely removing the tumor and surrounding cysts. 

2. Please pray for Keaina’s parents, Harold and Terri, her siblings, and her family as they wait and pray throughout the day tomorrow. 

3. Please pray for Keiana’s recovery in the days, weeks, and months to come.

4. Please pray that all of the Wisner’s needs would be met during this time, spiritually, financially, and otherwise as they take time away from work in order to see to Keiana’s care, treatment, and recovery. 

5. If you have not, please consider giving generously to help with Keiana’s medically related expenses during this time. 

6. Consider writing Keiana a get well card or an encouraging note and dropping it off at the school office between the hours of 9-12.


In Christ,

Dr. Farrell